Around 25 years ago a Zionist kollel was opened in Eilat, and its members were surprised to discover how much Eilat residents were thirsting for the Torah of Eretz Yisrael. This nucleus grew and generated many different initiatives, until in 1997 the Ayelet Hashachar Yeshiva was founded and has since become the heart of a wide network of Torah activities in the city.

The yeshiva has some 90 single and married students in its beit midrash and an additional 40 students in various stages of their army service. The yeshiva’s hundreds of graduates populate the ranks of all fields and professions, both kodesh and chol.

The purpose of the yeshiva is to develop Torah scholars and bnei Torah who have acquired Torah through a lengthy, deep and thoroughly grounded process. The yeshiva demands from its students growth, idealism and self-sacrifice for the benefit of the Jewish people, whether in the context of Torah study, military service, or any other field of endeavor. This can clearly be seen among our soldiers, who serve in elite units and often become officers and commanders.

The Ayelet Hashachar Yeshiva is the driving force behind all the religious-Zionist institutions and programs in Eilat. Many yeshiva alumni hold positions in the educational system and community and social services, where they have had a significant impact.

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The "Ayelet Hashachar" Hesder Yeshiva Eilat, P.O.Box 939 Eilat 88107
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