Keshet Yehonatan


In memory of Yehonatan Yaakov Einhorn, Hy”d, a graduate of our yeshiva who fell during the Second Lebanon War in an act of sacrifice to save his comrades on the battlefield



Every year some 700 teenaged boys and girls from Eilat are inducted into the Israel Defense Forces. The world of culture and technology that sucks in these young people during high school requires that they get significant “booster shot” of Zionist and educational values before they are drafted.

In addition, there are thousands of soldiers from all over the country serving on bases in or near Eilat. These soldiers are far from home, and this distance generates additional cultural and educational needs.  

The vision:

The Keshet Yehonatan project will provide significant educational and value-based programming for pre-army teens and for soldiers serving on IDF bases in Eilat and its environs.

What it does:

  1. Keshet Yehonatan
  2. Chasdei Yehuda Soup Kitchen
  3. The Noam Family Center
  4. Youth Center
  5. Kindergarten Rabbis
The "Ayelet Hashachar" Hesder Yeshiva Eilat, P.O.Box 939 Eilat 88107
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